We want the Leesburg Nativity Tour to be a reminder to the public about the historical reason for celebrating Christmas.  We want it to be fun for families to search out the next Nativity;  we want people to visit the merchants and potentially shop, eat or drink while looking for or admiring the Nativity on display.

How can I participate?

In addition to visiting all of the host merchants, please let the merchant know if the Nativity Tour drew you to their establishment.

What if I'm not a Christian?

We hope you will accept the Nativity Tour as a reminder of the history of Christmas and the Nativity.   As a cultural holiday, many people can enjoy the traditions of Christmas such as shopping, parties, specials foods, decorations and gift giving without knowing or understanding the reason for the season.  We hope the Nativity Tour will be an education for those not familiar with history and that all can enjoy the artwork and beauty of the Nativities.

Which Merchants displayed Nativities in 2017?


  1. Ketterman's Jewelers
  2. Caulkins Jewelers and Gifts Inc
  3. King Street Oyster Bar
  4. Rouge Boutique Spa and Apothecary
  5. Georgetown Cafe and Bakery
  6. The Other kind of Jewelry Store
  7. The Piano Company
  8. Very Virginia Company
  9. IndED Hub, Leesburg
  10. Eyetopia, Inc
  11. Yummy Pig BBQ
  12. King Street Oyster Bar


Answers to other questions will be posted as needed.